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Into Bistorco’s woods
Home of ir-ritated art
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Places with no time nor shape
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 This exhibition offers a wide        collection of artistic works deriving from the hard and painful experiences of our authors: prisoners (some charged with life sentence or death penalty), people sectioned into psychiatric hospitals, OPGs (judiciary psychiatric hospitals) or asylums, outsiders and institutionalized elderly people. More

Ir-ritated writings
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 This exhibition focuses on artistic works produced in the everyday life by common people who find it difficult to fit in the standards imposed by our society. We collected scribbles from ordinary institutions such as  school (both from students and teachers), family and work. We also collected writings made on the streets and in social centres by young people. More

Creative identities
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 This exhibition can be seen as a meeting point between the previous ones. It connects those works originated in total institutions to those coming form ordinary unease in normality by highlighting the importance and power of creativity that becomes a vital resource in no matter what oppressive situation. More
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“Into Bistorco's woods” isn't a physical place where we may exhibit our collection yet. Until now we have worked with itinerant exhibitions that have been welcomed all around Italy. We have also taken part to international events such as the Biennale in Venice (2011), where our work was hosted by the Spanish Pavillon coordinated by the visual artist Dora Garcia, and an exhibition at the Swiss Embassy in Rome in 2015. In 2016 we will be partaking in the worldwide event in San Sebastian, that has been named European Capital of Culture. See full CV here.
Some among our Authors (namely Franca Settembrini, Raugei, Tradii, Gelli and others) are already recognized in European galleries and museums such as the Lausanne Art Brut Museum and the Aracine in France.
We have sorted our works into two main sections, alas those originated in total institutions and those generated by unease in normality. Those sections correspond to two of our master exhibitions, respectively Places with no time nor shape and Ir-ritated writings. We also propose a third exhibition, Creative Identities, that stands as a synthesis of the two above under the common banner of creativity. It is important to note, however, that we also organize thematic exhibitions according to the interests and means of our hosts.
We wish our collection to travel the world, in order to meet new cultures and to open spaces of discussion on common themes, perceived as important and meaningful in every State on Earth. If you wish to host one of our exhibitions, be that a master one or a thematic one, please contact us here.

We also present workshops connected to the research behind the collection, focusing on the importance of creativity as a vital resource.
Meeting with expressive forms of convicted and sectioned people or of those with difficult lives.

This exhibition has an average duration of 15 days in a minimum 15 square meters room and consists of works made from convicts (some sentenced to life imprisonment or in death rows), or from people sectioned into psychiatric hospitals or in judiciary asylums, in therapeutic communities or in other situations of solitude and abandonment.
Technical characteristics of the works may vary according to the specific exhibition centre's width.
A complete exhibition however consists in approximately:
20-30 painting on cloth (among which a 2 x 2 meters prison blanket, 1 x 1 meter rags and other similar objects, some of which may exceed in irregular measures) ;
20-30 50 x 70 cm framed paintings and drawings.
3  2,20 x 1 meter showcases containing manuscripts and others.
20-30 paintings on canvas of various measures (oil paintings, natural substances paintings and tempera paintings).
10 7 x 100 cm wooden panels with drawings and paintings on paper of different measures.
Some works crafted in various materials
This exhibition proposes works from a hundred authors, some of  which belong to the most important artistic workshops born in psychiatric institutions and prisons: Painting workshop of the former 8th Pavillon in St Maria della Pietà in Rome, “la Tinaia” in Florence, Ischia (Na), Giugliano (Na), OPG in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mn). Castelnuovo dei Monti (Re), “Progetto Ulisse” in the penal prison of Rebibbia (Rome), “Il volo” association in Rome.
Every Author is associated with an illustrative form that explains his path in total institutions and his creative itinerary.

If you are interested in this exhibition, please contact us here.

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Scribbles and creative resources of unease in normality

This exhibition counts more than three hundred pieces.
Those are writings, paintings, drawings, tags, scribbles and similar languages, written on different frames: school agendas, bags, doors, desks, fridges, everyday life objects.
The itinerary concerns wide thematic areas referring to institutional situations: school seen both from teachers and students, different workplaces or meeting places, conferences, political meetings.
Some of the exhibited documents have been produced in the office, in the hospital or at home (boys and girls writing on their rooms furniture or producing particular works).
The exhibition also offers manuscripts, paintings and drawings of elderly people in nursing homes like those in Bologna and in Nemi (Rm), but also graffiti in common spaces like those of different social centres in northern Italy.
All the itinerary long, birth, death, adolescence, illness, solitude emerge as tough moments in life that scribbles may help to elaborate and rationalize. Some scribbles made from well known painters introduce to the close relation between this expressive language and the world of Art.

If you are interested in this exhibition, please contact us here.

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Vital resources of the unease of social inclusion and exclusion

This exhibition that consists in painting, scribbles, manuscripts and graffiti appears more like a creative identities collection - usually with no names as in the scribbles case, or with made up signatures like it happens with tags and metropolitan writers – than like a collection of authors.
This exhibition is made of two exhibitive sections corresponding to wide institutional spaces where mortifying relational devices are enacted: prison, school, working institutions, concentration camp, hospital, nursing home, psychiatric institutions, judiciary asylum, family, street.
The languages we present are written on various kinds of frames, spacing from the traditional ones to the structures and furnitures of the belonging institution. We have, for example, the door of the Istituto Tecnico Fermi in Tivoli that have been scribbled all over from the students and a door of the asylum in Imola. Hundreds of works spacing from a scribbled paper to wide and far more complex paintings are part of this exhibition that wishes, in the first place, to highlight the power of creativity.
To be effective, this exhibition needs a space, possibly divided in more locals, of a general measure of 150 square meters. Every author has his own form illustrating the institutional itinerary where his creativity first showed up and the characteristics of his artistic production. Each symbolic production is described in its general features and is contextualized in the relational device that originated it. More forms illustrate the institutional socioanalysis work operated from our cooperative in the institution from which many exhibited works derive and also represent the relational ecology of that institution.

If you are interested in this exhibition, please contact us here.
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