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Into Bistorco’s woods
Home of ir-ritated art
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Our workshops are available in Italian or with English and French interpretation. We propose Expressive forms as healing resources and Creative Identities.

Places with no time nor shape
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 This exhibition offers a wide        collection of artistic works deriving from the hard and painful experiences of our authors: prisoners (some charged with life sentence or death penalty), people sectioned into psychiatric hospitals, OPGs (judiciary psychiatric hospitals) or asylums, outsiders and institutionalized elderly people. More

Ir-ritated writings
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 This exhibition focuses on artistic works produced in the everyday life by common people who find it difficult to fit in the standards imposed by our society. We collected scribbles from ordinary institutions such as  school (both from students and teachers), family and work. We also collected writings made on the streets and in social centres by young people. More

Creative identities
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 This exhibition can be seen as a meeting point between the previous ones. It connects those works originated in total institutions to those coming form ordinary unease in normality by highlighting the importance and power of creativity that becomes a vital resource in no matter what oppressive situation. More

Expressive forms as healing resources

“There will be no more painters but men who paint” - Karl Marx
“Où commence l'écriture? Où commence la peinture?” - Roland Barthes

This workshop aims at making partakers aware of the expressive resources to which one can recur in order to take care of oneself or to begin a different communicational play with others.
Steven Levine, prompted by his experience with terminal ill people, encourages us to perceive suffering as the product of a reduction of the vastness belonging to each person. We may read this way his statement: “The experience of the mind that loses its inner width is called suffering”. To his part, Georges Lapassade would exhort us to read it as a sudden stiffening of the ever-lasting incompleteness typical of the human being. With the echo of those subjections it looks beneficial to give the various identities some space,  allowing different languages (also never spoken before) to express themselves. Not to ban or operate disqualification on those languages when they burst out asking to be set free can be a way to find a sense to difficult and painful moments of our lives in an independent and self-determined way, without delivering passively those precious moments to expert languages.
To acquire familiarity or to dust off the one you may already have with expressive resources we propose a look into the collection of scribbles, manuscripts, paintings and drawings belonging to Sensibili alle Foglie's patrimony, together with a walk in the past, at the origins of the symbolic production of humanity.
This workshop will be divided in three parts:
First we will take a look at how some people trapped in a blind alley in their lives build symbolic worlds, reconstructing themselves in the process.
In a second moment we will zoom on that spontaneous expressive resource that we all more or less use and that emerges while we're lost in thought: scribbling. We will see how important it is to authorize and highlight this activity, to collect our scribbles and find a way to understand them in order to study the potentialities this language has for the human being.
There will than be a final, practical experiment we will lead together, with our own scribbles.

The workshop will be led by Nicola Valentino, expert on scribbles, creativity and painting.

If you are interested in this workshop, please click here to contact us.

Creative Identities (or Expressive languages as vital resources)

From this play of paint brush and ink
won't derive calligraphies or paintings.
 Only limited minds will perceive them as simple
calligraphies and paintings.
Humbly, Kogai
- Sengai, Zen master

When people find themselves in difficult situations, when they enter a blind alley in their lives and know no more how to escape, that's when creativity bursts out and allows them to keep holding on to their existence. By creating a symbolic world, they give meaning to their lives. Those original and different ways of understanding reality also originate new horizons of the personal and social imaginary.
Creative expression can be the result of a dissociated identity process or of the refuse and denial of the symbolic order of institution. Dora Garcia, a famous visual artist, sees the action of not conforming as the basis for individual and social creativity. “The inadequate” says the artist “is everything that responds to the necessity of not fulfilling expectations, of not being what is thought we should be” (Dora Garcia : l’inadeguato. Lo inadecuado. The inadequate, Mad Marginal, Cahier 2 Stemberg Press, 2011). In a total institution this active form of inadequacy is expressed through a subtraction to the symbolic order the institution wants to set its actors in.

The workshop will be led by Nicola Valentino, expert on scribbles, creativity and painting.

If you are interested in this workshop, please click here to contact us.