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Into Bistorco’s woods
Home of ir-ritated art
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Places with no time nor shape
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 This exhibition offers a wide        collection of artistic works deriving from the hard and painful experiences of our authors: prisoners (some charged with life sentence or death penalty), people sectioned into psychiatric hospitals, OPGs (judiciary psychiatric hospitals) or asylums, outsiders and institutionalized elderly people. More

Ir-ritated writings
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 This exhibition focuses on artistic works produced in the everyday life by common people who find it difficult to fit in the standards imposed by our society. We collected scribbles from ordinary institutions such as  school (both from students and teachers), family and work. We also collected writings made on the streets and in social centres by young people. More

Creative identities
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 This exhibition can be seen as a meeting point between the previous ones. It connects those works originated in total institutions to those coming form ordinary unease in normality by highlighting the importance and power of creativity that becomes a vital resource in no matter what oppressive situation. More
Dear reader,
the crossing of Bistorco's Woods for us hasn't come to an end, yet. Somehow, it will never end. Other discoveries await, other encounters, other experiences. In the same way, we believe, you are as well, in your own way, walking some path in the same woods. We believe so because the experience of reclusion does not start nor ends at the gates of a prison, or of an asylum, or of some other total institution. It does not simply concern the inmates.
There is a less evident reclusion, a subtler one: the one that binds children, women and men of no matter what ethnicity, age, social condition to those “plays” of the everyday life that, against their own will and their own desire, for some unspoken reason they are forced to play. To be forced to play the game of life makes that very game impossible.
Well, in the more and more conformed metropolis, there's a struggle to live in the present, an anthropological difficulty that faces everyone with the dilemma: to succumb or to accept the defy? A defy of irritation, of divergence, of will to change.
Let's than say we stare at the thousand ir-ritations – at the thousand fights with the cobweb of ritualized relations that work out as compulsory and self-imposed, at the suffering engendered by the hardship of living in that trapping cobweb – as if they were breaking languages, altered states of the body, healing trances.
It is our belief that the altered states of the body, personal states and collective states of fluid trance have an healing function and potentially play a creative role. They open at the personalized research of Other dimensions in the relational life. In writing “Into Bistorco's Woods” we have meant to give direct testimony of this.
If that's the background, there come our aims: to promote new occasions of meeting with all ir-ritated languages of altered states, to create adequate instruments of study and research, to foster the spreading of every language that can somehow contribute and enrich a creative and divergent way of thinking.
That's why we have created a digitalized archive of research. With this database we wish to collect all those writings, scribbles, paintings, records, dreams, poems and other testimonies of reclusive torsions and experiences of altered states, that are already being sent to us from everywhere. We want to collect this precious material that's been neglected from society in order to highlight its cultural worth, standing on the outside of psychiatric language and disqualification.
Obviously, dear reader, what has been written above is an invitation to share with us your personal experience and/or to help us enrich our Archive.

The Authors
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